EEL News Service 2003/03, 20 March 2003

Added to Case Law

* Case C-30/01, Opinion of Advocate General, 16 January 2003, Commission v Royaume-Uni (United Kingdom) At issue is the status of 14 EU laws in Gibraltar, The UK territory in southern Spain. Advocate general Antonio Tizzano rejects all the arguments put by both the Commission and Spain. Because Gibraltar is excluded from the community’s customs territory it is also excluded from the scope of treaty provisions intended to guarantee free movement of goods. Directives based on the EU treaty’s internal market articles intended to harmonise national provision on movements of goods also do not apply to Gibraltar.

Added to Conference Pages

* 20 March 2003, “ELNI-Forum” – Environmental Protection and the European Convention, Brussels, Belgium (please, display the info that i´m sending You in the attachment)

* 25 March 2003, Basic principles of Community law and litigation in the European Court of Justice, Trier, Germany and Luxembourg, Luxembourg

* 3-4 April 2003, Recent Developments in Environmental Law, Trier, Germany

* 28-29 April 2003, Free Movement of Goods, Trier, Germany

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* Academy of European Law – Trier

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* Director, a senior and experienced individual is required to head up the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty Unit for a County Council in the South East of the UK.



Wybe Douma (T.M.C. Asser Institute, The Hague) Jurgen Lefevere (FIELD, London) Alena Dodokova (Institute for Environmental Policy, Prague)

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