EEL News Service 2004/01, 15 January 2004

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* Commission, 2003 Environment Policy Review, COM(2003)745, December 2003

This document provides a systematic overview and analysis of European environmental policies. The Council Conclusions of 22 December 2003 comment on this document.

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* Case C-201/02, Wells

ECJ 7 January 2004

An old mine is exploited again without prior assessment of the effects on the environment. The ECJ labels the national measure granting consent for these mining operations as a new permit, which means that an assessment should have taken place. The EIA Directive has direct effect in such triangular situations (the neighbour ms Wells who started the proceedings, the authorities and the mine operator).

* Case C-448/01, EVN and Wienstrom

ECJ 4 December 2003

EC public procurement law allows contracting authority to apply, when assessing the most economically advantageous tender for an energy supply contract, an award criterion with a weighting of 45% which requires that the electricity supplied be produced from renewable energy sources. The fact that that criterion does not necessarily serve to achieve the objective pursued is irrelevant in that regard. The criterion does need to ensure that the accuracy of the information contained in the tenders can be effectively verified.

* Case C-154/02, Nilsson

ECJ 23 October 2003

In answer to questions from a Swedish judge with regard to CITES Regulations, the ECJ explains inter alia that Stuffed animals fall under the notion of worked specimens, that receiving specimens as a gift or inheriting them, and killing animals and then taking them into one’s possession, makes them ‘acquired’ and that it is not necessary that the person who acquired the specimen more than 50 years previously be the present owner.

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Russia, Other links

* TACIS Project Harmonisation of Environmental Legislation, Russia

This project developed extensive recommendations for improvements of Russia’s environmental protection system for the State Duma, especially where licensing of large industry is concerned. The full texts of the recommendations and background documents are available on this website.

Russia, Other links

* Centre for Russian Studies’ Database

A general source of information on different issues linked to developments in Russia. Information in this database is organised along four main axes, 1) political actors, 2) institutions, 3) administrative units (information on 89 federal subjects of the RF) and 4) chronology of current events. Also contains information on issues like elections, ethnic groups, economy, military issues and collection of Russian links.


* Updates for broken links (with help of the new European Law researcher at the T.M.C. Asser Institute, Dr. Adam Lazowski).

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* One full-time or two part-time research positions at the VUB (Brussels) for a two-year research project “The role of public authorities in integrated product policy: regulators or coordinators?”. Deadline: 22 January 2004.

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* 19-20 February 2004, Perspectives of the Russian Federation participation in the Kyoto Protocol Global market mechanisms and attraction of investments into Energy efficiency projects, Industrial and Entrepreneurs Union of Russia (RSPP) and others, Moscow, Russia. Further information: tel. +7 095 7105827 or 2023100.



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