EEL News Service 2004/12, 17 June 2004

Added to the Documents page, Commission Communications etc.:

* Communication from the Commission, The European Environment & Health Action Plan 2004-2010, COM(2004) 416 final of 9 June 2004 technical annexes

EU initiative to improve understanding of health impacts from environmental pollution. Respiratory diseases, cancer, neuro-developmental disorders and endocrine disrupting effects are identified as priority areas in which European research activities shall be strengthened.

* Communication from the Commission, European Action Plan for Organic Food and Farming, COM(2004)415 final of 10 June 2004

A long-awaited action plan to boost organic farming in the EU. The Communication claims to take a “pragmatic approach” to a sector touted by the environmental movement as the future of farming, but currently marginal to Europe’s agricultural economy. Among 21 actions proposed are raising public awareness, developing standards and earmarking funds. There are no concrete targets to boost the share of land cultivated organically.

* Commission working document, Integrating environmental considerations into other policy areas – a stocktaking of the Cardiff process, COM(2004) 394 final of 1 June 2004

This stocktaking shows the positive results of the Cardiff process, both in terms of raising the profile of environmental integration and in terms of concrete improvements in some sectors, but also points to a number of weaknesses in implementation.

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* A database of renewables policies, measures and targets set by the 88 members of the Johannesburg renewable energy coalition (JREC).

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* 23-24 June 2004, Corporate Responsibility, Pervasive Risk and Today’s Business Processes, London, UK

* 2 September 2004, New Environmental Legislation, London, UK

Added to Reviews page:

* REACH – What happened and why? The Only Planet Guide to the Secrets of the Chemicals Policy in the EU, Inger Schorling (Greens/European Free Alliance, European Parliament), Brussels, 2004, 144 pages

* International Encyclopedia of Laws. Environmental Law. Russian Federation, Oleg Kolbasov (1927-2000) and Irina Krasnova, Kluwer Law International, 2003, 200 pages

* Integration of Environmental Protection into other EC Policies. Legal Theory and practice, Nele Dhondt, Europa Law Publishing, Groningen, 2003, 531 pages

* Environment for Europeans, Magazine of the Directorate-General for the Environment, European Commission, No. 16, May 2004



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