EEL News Service 2004/17, 30 September 2004

Added to Case law page:

* C-227/01, Commission v Spain
ECJ 16 September 2004, nyr
Spain was condemned by the ECJ for illegally omitting an environment impact assessment procedure for a section of the new Valencia to Tarragona railway line.

* C-248/02, Commission v Italy
ECJ 16 September 2004, nyr
Italy is censured for failing to report on sewage sludge generation and its heavy metal content from 1995 to 1997, according to the requirements of the Directive 86/278/EEC.

* C-423/03, Commission v Finland
ECJ 16 September 2004, nyr
The European court of justice has condemned Finland for not transposing Directive 2001/18/EC on deliberate release of GMOs.

Added to Dossiers, Dutch Presidency Dossiers:

* Subsidiarity and European Environmental Law, by Pamela van der Goot
This short dossier first presents a short historic overview of the subsidiarity principle. After that, the possible influence of the subsidiarity control mechanism (as introduced in the Draft Constitution) on European Environmental law is discussed, as is the debate in The Netherlands on the possible role of the Dutch Parliament in this respect.

Added to Conferences page and upcoming conferences:

* 27-30 September 2004, Fifth International Conference on Alternatives to Methyl Bromide, Lisbon, Portugal

* 5-7 October 2004, Collection, Recycling & Disposal of Waste, Moscow, Russia

* 9-12 October 2004, 2nd Israeli-Palestinian International Conference on Water for Life in the Middle East, Rome, Italy

* 12-14 October 2004, Annual EU Sustainable Chemicals Management Conference, Brussels, Belgium

* 18-19 October 2004, Seminaron “Recent Developments in European Environmental Law”, Trier, Germany

* 11-15 October 2004, XXXIII Congress of International Association of Hydrogeologists. Conference on Groundwater Flow Understanding: From Local to Regional Scale, Zacatecas, Mexico

* 18 October 2004, New Chemicals Law, New Chemicals Landscape, Copenhagen, Denmark

* 18-24 October 2004, European Flower Week, Brussels, Belgium

* 21-22 October 2004, EU Emissions Trading 2004, Brussels, Belgium

* 25-26 October 2004, Sustainable Innovation ’04, Surrey, UK

* 28-30 October 2004, International Mayors Meeting on ECOPROFIT, Graz, Austria

* 3-5 November 2004, Power Kazakhstan 2004, Astana, Kazakhstan

* 11-12 November 2004, Joint Conference of the Clean Air for Europe (CAFE) Programme and Network of Experts on Benefits and Economic Instruments (NEBEI) of the Convention on Long-Range Transboundary Air Pollution, Brussels, Belgium

* 25-26 November 2004, Caspian Ecology 2004, Istanbul, Turkey

* 25-27 November 2004, ENVIRO TECH – TURKEY, Istanbul, Turkey

* 1-2 December 2004, Canadian Waste and Recycling Expo, Toronto, Canada

* 23-26 January 2005, AWWA 2005 Source water protection symposium, Palm Beach, Florida, USA

* 11-13 April 2005, Third International conference Water Resources Management 2005, Algarve, Portugal

* 3-5 May 2005, ECOSUD 2005, Cadiz, Spain

Added to Links page, Presidency:

* Outstanding Environmental Issues. A review of the EU Environmental agenda

New at the National pages:

* Croatia national page, by Tamara Perisin

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* Tamara Perisin.

The EEL website is glad to welcome Tamara Perisin who has taken upon herself the task of keeping the national page on Croatia up to date.

* Russia took a step in the direction of ratification of the Kyoto Protocol, as the BBC reports at .

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