EEL News Service 2005/07, 7 April 2005

News on Editors

The EEL Team welcomes professor Peter Pagh as national editor for Denmark and ms. Maria João Lois as national editor for Portugal and looks forward to cooperating with them. At the same time, the traineeship period of Pamela van der Goot, who has helped designing and implementing the new EEL website, has ended – we thank her very much for her contributions.

Added to Case law, ECJ, CFI:

* T-142/03, Fost Plus VZW v. Commission
CFI 16-02-2005, nyr
Fost Plus VZW is a Belgian company, responsible for recovery and recycling of household packaging waste. The European Commission confirmed a measure, notified by the Belgium government, which allowed higher recycling and recovery rates than provided by directive 94/62/EC. Fost Plus VZW claims to be individually concerned by this measure and that the confirmation was contravening European law. The Tribunal judged that the company is not individually concerned in the sense of article 230 EC and thus does not arrive at the substantive points of the case.
Sector(s): Waste


Added to Dossiers/Links, Council Conclusions, European Council Conclusions:

* Brussels European Council: Conclusions (23 March 2005)
EU Heads of Government took a step forward on climate change and sustainable development. On climate change, they backed the Environment Council calls to aim for a 15-30% drop in CO2 emissions from industrialised countries by 2020. For the first time, the Heads of Government also backed an existing EU goal that global temperatures should not be allowed to rise to more than two degrees centigrade above pre-industrial levels. On the re-launch of the EU Lisbon strategy for economic growth, the leaders broadly backed the 2004 Kok Report, putting the spotlight firmly on Lisbon’s economic pillar while stressing the importance of energy efficiency and green technologies. The Heads of Government also called for the EU target to halt biodiversity decline by 2010 to be incorporated into “other policies… given the importance of biodiversity for certain economic sectors”. In a separate conclusion, the Heads of State reaffirmed that Lisbon had to be seen in “the wider context” of sustainable development.

Added to Dossier/Links page :

* Ambient Air Quality Dossier
This dossier discusses the current EC air legislation and the difficulty to achieve the targets set (which lead to several court cases in Germany and might be leading up to one in the Netherlands as well). Attention is also paid to the new air strategy that is on its way. It is subject to an impact assessment, which will be published when the strategy is adopted.

Added to Events page, Upcoming Events:

* 14-15 April 2005, Euro Sustainability 2005, Aalborg, Denmark
This is a discussion event with speakers and participants from international business and their stakeholders. Speakers will address issues such as transparency, legitimacy, indicators and reporting, and the objectives and achievements of partnerships. More information on

* 21-24 April 2005, LEAPs for the Earth, 35th anniversary of Earth Day and progress meeting of local environmental action plans (LEAPs) in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Trnovo, Olympic Mountain Bjelasnica. For information, contact REC Country Office BiH, e-mail, website

* 28-29 June 2005, Het (nieuwe) Bouwstoffenbesluit in de praktijk, Amersfoort, The Netherlands
Voor gebruikers van steenachtige bouwmaterialen in wegen-, water-, woning- en utiliteitsbouw. Nadere informatie op

Added to Job postings, Jobs :

* UNFCCC – United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change
The Legal Affairs for the Intergovernmental and Legal Affairs Subcommittee based in Bonn, Germany is seeking a Legal Officer, P 4, Legal Affairs.

Added to Job postings,

* Summer traineeship in Greece
The European Institute for Law, Science and Technology – Environmental pillar invites two trainees to work at Athens, Greece during summer 2005. The traineeship intends to provide a summer settlement for graduate and undergraduate international students that wish to write a legal, scientific or policy paper on the interplay among law, science and technology on a topic of their own choice. Free accommodation will be provided. The trainees will have access to the materials of the institute and will also enjoy guidance on their papers. Papers of publishable quality will be published in the institute publication series or in other journals on law, science and technology. For more information contact Dionysia Avgerinopoulou, email: Address: European Institute for Law, Science and Technology, 520 West 112st, apt 8-C, 10025, New York, USA; Phone: 001 646 266 7291, Website:

* Magazine internship REC’s Green Horizon
Intern with REC magazine Green Horizon, offering possibility to gain practical knowledge, hands-on experience, and research skills in environmental journalism, magazine management and advertising. See for details.

Wybe Th. Douma (T.M.C. Asser Institute, The Hague)
Jens Hamer (Academy of European Law, Trier)

Daria Ratsiborinskaya (Institute of European law, MGIMO-University, Moscow)

Technical realisation:
Marco van der Harst, Julien J.M. Simon
(T.M.C. Asser Institute, The Hague)