EEL News Service 2008/20, 6 November 2008

Added to Case Law, ECJ

C-95/08 Commission vs. Luxembourg
ECJ 04-11-2008, not yet reported
The ECJ ruled that Luxembourg had failed to fulfil its obligations under Directive 2004/9/EC on the inspection and verification of good laboratory practice (GLP). According to the Court Luxembourg did not designate the required responsible authorities for the inspection of laboratories and for the auditing of the assessment studies on the compliance of those laboratories with good laboratory practice.
Sector: Dangerous substances

C-362/06 P Sahlstedt and Others vs. Commission
AG Opinion 23-10-2008
According to Advocate General Yves Bot, the Court of First Instance was wrong to dismiss the request of a group of Finnish landowners to challenge its decision in case T�/05. In this case, the CFI ruled that the claim that contested the European Commission’s decision to designate certain sites as parts of the Natura 2000 protected network was inadmissible. On the appeal, the Advocate General pointed out to the ECJ that the Finnish landowners indeed had the right to present such a request.
Sector: Nature

Added to Sectors, General
* 2899th meeting of the Justice and Home Affairs Council, Luxembourg, 24 October 2008
On 24 October 2008 the EU Council approved a first-reading agreement reached with the European Parliament and thus adopted a new directive that penalises the most serious environment damaging conducts. In the same session the Council approved another important directive – the deal with the European Parliament was reached at second reading – on the inclusion of aviation in the EU Emissions Trading Schemefrom 2012.

Added to Sectors, Climate Change
* Stricter caps will not lead to carbon leakage according to IEA
According to the International Energy Agency (IEA) concerns that stricter EU emission caps will in fact lead to carbon leakage in certain industrial sectors are unfounded. Carbon leakage refers to the relocation by businesses of the production to countries with more flexible and less stringent greenhouse gas emission reductions rules and thus to the increase of global carbon emissions. The IEA study provides a detailed analysis of how the phenomenon of carbon leakage is unlikely to occur, thanks to adequate preventive policy measures and prediction methods.
Added to Sectors, Nature and Agriculture

* EFSA finds French GMO ban unjustified
According to the opinion given by the European Food Safety Agency (EFSA) on 29 October 2008, the ban imposed by France on genetically modified maize varieties is unjustified. The French government argued that the ban was necessary in light of new scientific evidence that would allow for the use of the EU safeguard clause. The opinion of the EFSA demonstrates the lack of necessity to invoke the clause. The final decision will be taken by the European Commission.

National Pages

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Added to National pages, Germany
* Germany abandons ambitious biofuels plans
The initial endeavours of Germany to mandatory biofuel content share for petrol became less ambitious as the government lowered the required percentage from 6,25% to 5,25% according to the modified legislative proposal presented on 22 October 2008. The early plans that referred to a 10% share were abandoned earlier this year. The changes were introduced following the realisation that the goal would lead to problems in the food production sector in particular in developing countries.

Added to National Pages, France

* French industry introduces voluntarily measures to foster energy efficiency
On 23 October 2008 French retailers voluntarily agreed to gradually phase out inefficient light bulbs on the market from the following year onwards. The agreement signed between retailers and the French government envisages a ban first on 100-watt, then on 75-watt incandescent bulbs in 2009. Long term plans include the phasing out of further light bulb categories until 2012.

News and events
Added to Events

* The Role of Information in an Age of Climate Change
The conference will address synergies across the first two ‘pillars’ of the Aarhus Convention – access to information and public participation – and examine the broader implications of these interactions for an advanced implementation of Article 6 of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and the “New Delhi Work Programme”.
Location: Aarhus, Denmark
Date: 13-14 November 2008

* Green Strategy 2008
The conference for businesses formulating strategic responses to climate change – the latest drivers, innovations, news and analysis, plus connection with the community.
Location: London, UK
Date: 27 November 2008

* United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and Kyoto Protocol – COP14 and COP/MOP4
COP14 and COP/MOP4 will gather together governments, observers and NGOs in order to address issues related with the future commitment period (post-2012) of the Kyoto Protocol and many other different items such as mitigation and adaptation measures to fight climate change.
Location: Poznan, Poland
Date: 1-13 December 2008

* Pollutec 2008
A global meeting for environment professionals, Pollutec Lyons provides a stage for the full range of pollution prevention and treatment technologies and, more generally, for the protection of the environment and the promotion of sustainable development.
Location: Lyon, France
Date: 2-5 December 2008

* International Seminar on Business and Human Rights
This event will review global progress on this issue of on Business and Human Rights over recent years and chart the developments ahead. It will bring together business, political, civil society and trade leaders as well as diverse learning from around the world. The Seminar will be chaired by Mary Robinson, Honorary Chair of the Business Leaders Initiative on Human Rights and President of Realizing Rights: The Ethical Globalization Initiative. Internationally renowned speakers include: Irene Khan, Secretary General, Amnesty International and John Ruggie, Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General on the issue of Human Rights, Transnational Corporations, Other Business Enterprises.
Location: Paris, France
Date: 3-5 December 2008

*Climate Change and Energy Security: Major Challenges of European Energy Policy
The Institute of European Studies and the Law Faculty of the University of Leuven in cooperation with the Energy Law Research Forum organize this two days event focusing on the analysis of the geopolitical and legal aspects of climate change and energy security.
Location: Brussels, Belgium
Date: 15/16 December 2008

Added to Vacancies
*United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) – 2 Programme Officers, P-4
Under the general guidance of the Coordinator of CDM sub-programme and the direct supervision of the Manager of the CDM R&I Unit of the Sustainable Mechanisms Programme, the incumbent participates in the implementation of the work programme of the R&I unit and is the lead officer on Registration issues and is responsible for monitoring the Registration teams’ work programmes and programmed activities to ensure that they are carried out appropriately and in a timely and impartial manner.
Location: Bonn, Germany
Deadline: 22 November 2008

United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) – Programme Officer, P-4
Under the general guidance of the Coordinator of the Financial and Techical Support Programme and the direct supervision of the Manager of the Financial Cooperation and Capacity Building sub-programme, the Programme Officer is responsible for leading and monitoring the development and implementation of a secretariat-wide strategy for capacity-building and outreach activities in support of the Convention and Kyoto Protocol processes.
Location: Bonn, Germany
Deadline: 27 November 2008

United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) – Programme Management and Administrative
Officer, P-3

Under the overall supervision of the Deputy Secretary (DES) in close consultation with the Coordinator, Conference Affairs Services (CAS), and working in close coordination with the Coordinator, Administrative Services, the incumbent is responsible for ensuring efficient administrative operations within the office of the DES and CAS (hereinafter referred to as “the programmes”) related to the entire span of human resources, budget, finance, procurement, travel and other administrative issues, and contributes to the effective management of the programmes.
Location: Bonn, Germany
Deadline: 29 November 2008

United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) – Associate Programme Officer, P-2
Located in UNEP’s Division of Environmental Policy Implementation (DEPI), the incumbent will carry out the following duties: A. Assist in compiling data and information necessary for the development and formulation of inter linkages between Marine Ecosystems,small islands and Climate Change Adaptation activities B. Support the establishment of a joint information and outreach strategies among member states with relevant partners to enhance the visibility and impact of the marine ecosystem and climate change activities C. Assist the Marine Ecosystems Coordinator and the Climate Change Coordinator in the technical coordination of the activities related marine and climate change ecosystems as outlined in the work programme of DEPI, and emerging issues on ecosystem management programme.
Location: Nairobi, Kenya
Deadline: 27 December 2008

* United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) – Head of Unit (SUN), P-5
Within UNEP’s Division of Technology, Industry and Economics (DTIE), the incumbent will: 1) Direct the -up, fund raising, development and daily management of the SUN programme, 2) Supervise implementation of SUN activities related to sustainable facilities management and SBCI, 3) Coordinate the implementation of SUN activities related to sustainable procurement. Supervise and support the SUN programme officer for sustainable procurement to advice and support UN Secretariat Offices and UN Agencies, Programmes and Funds, and other institutions and organizations to introduce and implement sustainable procurement, and 4) Manage the SUN outreach, feedback, and communication program, with assistance of the SUN outreach officer.
Location: Paris, France
Deadline: 2 January 2008

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