EEL News Service 2010/3, 25 March 2010

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*Plans to safeguard European Waters

During the World Water day, the European Commission announced that it will issue a policy paper titled a `blueprint to safeguard European Waters ´by 2012 accompanied by several legislative proposals. Recent studies from the European Environment Agency have shown that competition for water needs among households, industry and agriculture will significantly increase in the coming decades and the policy paper is designed to address these challenges. It will be based on three pillars, e.g. a review of the 2000 water framework directive, a strategy for water scarcity and droughts and a review of the vulnerability of environmental resources such as soil to climate change. An analysis of the river basin management plan will also be included in the paper.


*Legal action against EU states over green law breaches

The European Commission is taking legal action against several member states who have allegedly failed to comply with EU laws on matters relating to air quality, nature protection and industrial pollution. Examples of the alleged breaches include industrial installation operating without permits in Sweden and Austria, failure to protect wild birds by Greece and the dumping of phosphogypsum waste by Spain. Legal action against Ireland, Romania, Slovenia, Cyprus, Portugal, Bulgaria and Spain has also been announced by the Commission.


*Fast track funding goes to forest protection and technology transfer

The EU environment ministers have confirmed that the ´fast track` funding for climate mitigation and adaptation in developing countries will primarily be spent on forest protection and technology transfer. The resolution of the ministers includes plans to reassess the cost of achieving a 30% greenhouse gas emission cuts in the EU with a first report on the issue to be delivered by the EU at the UNFCCC subsidiary bodies meeting of June 2010 in Bonn. An agreement for the financing of emission reductions from deforestation and forest degradation is also in process of being finalized by the EU.



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* Temporary ban on Kyoto emission reduction credits surrendering

The European Commission has temporarily blocked the surrendering of the Kyoto Protocol project-based credits CERs and ERUs in order to prevent their reuse which is prohibited under the registry rules of the EU emissions trading scheme. The temporary ban has been put into place following news reports that CER´s sold by Hungary had landed on the European market without being recycled. Trading in the credits will still be allowed, however companies will no longer be able to surrender credits to national emission trading registries. This temporary ban will apply until new rules on registries are adopted and this is expected for August 2010.



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*Member States positions on CO2 emissions from vans

The positions of the Member States on the reduction of CO2emissions from vans show that there are differing views on the proposed 2014/2016 phase/in for the 175 grams per kilometer target. Sweden proposed the target to apply from 2014, the UK from 2016, while France and Germany proposed the end of 2017. Several other countries proposed instead to ditch the entire target stating that there is a limited potential to cut CO2 emissions from vans. Sweden and the Netherlands continue to support the target and Ireland proposed for the inclusion of heavier vans. Most countries do however agree to support the proposed 135 grams per kilometer target for 2020, provided that the European Commission confirms its feasibility by 2013.



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This event brings together five leading environment exhibitions including BEX, ET, IWEX, NEMEX and SB. The event promises to be insightful by offering interactive seminars and conferences which are designed to help companies to work towards a sustainable future.

Location: NEC Birmingham, United Kingdom

Date: 20-22 April, 2010


*Waste to energy

This conference aims to share technical means for the purpose of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The conference will present amongst others the state-of-the art machinery, engineering and services for the generation of power and renewable resources. News from the lab and information on new technologies and strategies will also be shared. The conference is open to both presenters and visitors and is therefore also an excellent networking opportunity.

Location: Bremen convention center, Germany

Date: 5-6 May, 2010


* The chartered institution of water and environmental challenges

This two day annual conference will address issues across all areas of the water and environment sector. The conference is aimed to challenge and inspire the water and environmental community by discussing best practices in order to meet some global challenges.

Location: Olympia conference centre, London

Date: 28-29 April 2010



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* European Environmental Agency

The EEA is looking for a project manager for the marine and maritime data and analysis. This challenging position will among other tasks require the project manager to report on various issues related to water, to deal with the operational management of information provisions and to conduct in-depth assessments in the field of marine. Furthermore, the work will range from the human management of the European coast to relations to maritime and fishery policies.

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

Deadline: April 26, 2010


* The Institute for European Environmental Policy, Analyst

The Institute for European Environmental Policy is looking for a policy analyst who will be expected to work in a range of projects related to environmental policy with a particular focus on biodiversity and ecosystem services a t both EU and Member State level.

Location: Brussels

Deadline: March 31, 2010






Wybe Th. Douma (T.M.C. Asser Institute, The Hague)

Jens Hamer (Court of First Instance of the European Community, Luxemburg)*

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