Timeline of EU & EC Treati


(signed in Paris on 18 April 1951, entered into force 23 July 1952)


(signed in Rome on 25 March 1957, entered into force 1 January 1958)


(signed 17 and 28 February 1986, entered into force 1 July 1987)


(signed in Maastricht on 7 February 1992, entered into force 1 November  1993)


(signed in Amsterdam on 2 October 1997, entered into force 1 May 1999)


(The text in its definitive form, as finalised by the Legal/Linguistic Experts        Working Party. Brussels,  14  February 2001)


(signed in Lisbon 13 December 2007, entered into force 1 December 2009)




  • Greening the Treaty III – Institutional reform, Citizen’s rights and Sustainable Development; proposals for the 2000 intergovernmental conference preparing for the Treaty of Nice. In this campaign several environmental NGOs have four demands, namely:
    1. Use qualified majority voting for all decisionmaking on the environment, in particular for fiscal measures for environmental purposes.
    2. Unlock the doors to the European Court of Justice for cases against the EU institutions brought by citizens or their organisations to defend interests of a shared nature, such as the environment.
    3. Include the right to a clean and healthy environment in the Treaty or a binding Charter of Fundamental Rights.
    4. Require the European Commission, as part of the Community’s lawmaking procedures, to promote a meaningful and ongoing civil dialogue with non-governmental organisations at the Community level.
  • Wilkinson, D. (1990) Greening the treaty: Strengthening environmental policy in the Treaty of Rome,  London: Institute for European Environmental Policy.
    A review of amendments put forward for discussion by the Intergovernmental Conference to be convened by the Italian Government in December 1990

Note that the treaties are not yet updated after the 2004 accessions. The treaties need to be read with the Act for conditions of accession.